Hello there.

We’re Woolly Mammoth Media, thank you for popping by to see what we are about. 

Woolly Mammoth Media creates and publishes splatter wall art prints, mobile phone cases, notebooks and tote bags. The core range has to be the wall art, although we are excited to grow our range of design-led products.

We're known for our fun twist and unique art style featuring artwork using our modern splatter and splash watercolour medium.

Woolly Mammoth Media started our artistic business journey in 2019.
I’ve painted, drawn and created art for as long as I can remember and often gave my friends and family my homemade greetings cards. After a firm nudge from my close peers, I decided to create artworks to sell, with the mission to create a business to do good and give back It began with the inspiration of my two favourite animals, (elephants and tigers.)
After printing a couple of these designs and purchasing frames, I listed these framed wall art prints on a well-known selling website and overwhelmed when they quickly sold.
From our studio in Nottingham, United Kingdom, our collections of art have now expanded to included many of my personal passions, from wild animals and classic cars to my favourite cocktails. I create art for enjoyment and hope that someone else out there will like something in the collections too.

Now, with our passion for art I pride our business on delivering the best possible products and service to the kind people who purchase this. We produce artwork which doesn’t compromise on high quality whilst still being affordable.

I also take great care in how we package our framed wall art. If single use plastics can be avoided, then I’m taking the steps to do this for the environment. With our postage and packing, I used plastic free tape and plastic free bubble wrap.

I feel one of the best ways to boost a home's interior style factor is with a statement piece of art.

Accessorise your home by reflecting your personality in the impressive wall art you keep. Feature art on your walls with something extra special that’ll not only make you smile, but something attractive that you and your family can enjoy. 

At Woolly Mammoth Media, we are passionate about our planet and the animals that live upon it. This is why we have a promise of giving back, view more on our giving back here.