At Woolly Mammoth Media, from day one, our plan and name is inspired as a memory of an animal no longer with us and it’s important to us to appreciate the earth and what we have now and supporting causes that we believe in.

We are a small company, but we think giving back is an important aspect of life and it’s time to act in offering our support to the rescue and protection to the Woolly Mammoths cousin the now endangered Asian elephants. 

Woolly Mammoth Media are proud to have partnered with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation ( where we donate £1 from every website purchase to assist this foundation and the important work that that do.

Woolly Mammoth Media’s team are also dedicated to protecting our planet now for future the future generations.
Whenever possible, we limit our use of any single use plastics and send our beautiful products in sustainable, plastic free packaging, using plastic free bubble wrap and plastic free tape.

Woolly Mammoth Media are pleased to support the Woodland Trust with monthly donations for their committed work in protecting the UK’s trees and woods. (

We wanted to make sure you feel good, not just about the art products that you buy, but about what your art stands for too, supporting the ethical rescue and protection of the endangered elephants and through the Woodland Trust our support creates new woodland for the wildlife that depends on it. 

Together we can make a difference - you make a purchase; we'll make a donation.