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Having art in your home is more than just that. It is more than grabbing a nail and a hammer and adorning the walls with something to fill the space.

Art is a freedom of speech that even freedom of speech can’t quite match up to.

So, what is the importance of unique wall art? Why is home décor a secret key to health? 

Wall Art is Your Personality Exploded Through a Visual Medium

When you choose art, you are subconsciously choosing an image relating to a part of you. It could be your serious side, your funny side or a specific memory that is brought up when you gaze into the colour palette.

And, when you’re surrounded by pieces of ‘you’ in your home, it helps create a sense of belonging, rightfulness and exhibition that others can enjoy, too.

Artwork Makes a House a Home

While you may have heard people saying that having children, a pet or their significant other is enough to make a house a home, décor is the true hero.

When you have that one piece of art, it frames a room. Blank walls adopt personalities, and the echo leaves the space to be filled with comfort.

Wall Art Pictures are a Tangible Objectification of Emotion

Much like as adding art to your walls is an expression of your personality, it can also be an expression of your emotion.

When you add unique wall art or pictures for living room general home décor, you’re allowing yourself to feel a certain emotion in that space.

For example; if you feel happy when you buy or contemplate an art piece, you will feel that emotion every time you look at it and heading to the room that hangs it’s smiling face should bring you equal happiness and joy.

Your art is Something that is Just as Flexible as You

Many believe the walls of a house are made to be decorated and left. But, that’s not true. When art becomes an extension of you, it is bound to change and adapt with you.

For example, after five years looking at the same picture, no longer bringing you the same joy it once did, it might be time for a strategical swap.

Art is alive; let it live a lifetime

Art Can Make You Feel Secure

Home décor is one of the first considerations for those moving to a new house, re-locating, upsizing, downsizing or somehow side-sizing.

When you make a house a home using artwork that speaks to you and tells a different story each time, you can find comfort and security.

In fact, there have been many studies that show how having chosen the right piece of artwork for the home or office is a way to feel safe by controlling energy.

Wall Art is a Conversation Starter to Have Pictures for Living Room Socialising

Sometimes, investing in pictures for living room home décor can be a sway of emotions going back and forth between different artists and paint forms. Yet, somehow landing on the pastel-post-modern piece whose top-end of the canvas you’ve managed to lose.

In these scenarios, they can be the best conversation starter. Sparking laughter, contemplation and other emotion between you and your guests. 

Don’t ever be fooled by the power of art. 

Art can be an Investment

 While this shouldn’t be the reason for your purchase, it is certainly the reason many out there buy into a piece.

Unique wall art ages gracefully much like a good cabernet sauvignon. And, if you’ve invested in an artist whose name becomes a global head-turner, you might be able to make a rise on the money initially invested.

Supporting Artists of Home Décor Locally and from Afar 

One of the best reasons to buy unique wall art and home décor is being able to help independent artists who can then create more and begin to make that global name we mentioned earlier.

And, when you know that a purchase has gone to a good cause, doesn’t it make an ever-better investment?

Art is an Important Part of Allowing Children’s Minds to Wander

Art shouldn’t only be considered as something to be hung, loved and admired by the adult population.

Adding unique wall art or pictures for living room aesthetic can be even more useful to the growing minds around you. 

While not all art is called expressionism, all art is expression of freedom, emotion, personality, belief, supply and creative drive. And, surrounding children with these objects can do wonders for their mental growth. 

Wall art can Subdue Depression and Stabilise Anxiety
A final reason for why art is the secret key to health is its power to help with mental state.

A room comprised of four white walls can be restricting and depressive with no distraction from the mind’s tricks.

 A room comprised of our white walls and a hand-painted masterpiece is talkative, colourful and open. Plus, it offers a conversation starter between you and yourself. 

And that is the importance of having art on your walls. If you’d like to see more and envision the ways in which these pieces of art can uplift your home décor with a splash of fabulousness, have a look at the Woolly Mammoth Media online art studio.

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