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Home Trends For 2021 What wall art is trending?

As with the beginning of every new year but – at the same time – differently for the dawn of 2021, it’s time to open our eyes to discover new art or read old art in a new light.

Luckily, as 2020 has given us all the much-requited time to self-reflect and begin enjoying a more intimate life with ourselves, 2021 trends are broadening their prospects; it’s not just one new painting type or two styles of artwork that are ‘on trend’ for the year, the interior design home trends 2021 demands are more than a yearly fad everyone can get onboard with.

In fact, as we begin an enlightened journey into 2021, there’s more to discover as personality and taste begin to take over from trend.

Here are six themes of trending wall art 2021 will see making their way onto the walls of those in the UK and beyond.

1. Avant Garde
Translating from French to English we mean the ‘advanced guard’ of art to find something visionary and bring it back to our time and hang on our walls. 

Often seen as a canvas holding a character of sporadic harmony, it finds a new way to look at something; an endeavour experienced by many in the throws of 2020. Looking toward interior design trends in 2021, we’re already beginning to see a surge of Avant Guard features where individualism, admittance to self and expressionism are of growing importance.
2. Animal Aesthetic
Animals have always had a place close to our hearts. Whether it’s appreciating the small by having a dog, cat, hamster or hedgehog in the family, or simply by framing wall art dedicated to the magnificent beasts walking through nature
This appreciation, while never having diminished, has grown more than ever thanks to the precursor to 2021. There is a recognised love that comes with having a cute Penguin in your hallway welcoming every guest into your home or having a powerful tiger using each stripe of confidence to protect your little one as they sleep at night.
3. Cottage Core

A fascination seen through all avenues; the botanical heart of Cottage Core has bloomed through interior design trends in 2021 and then into fashion, accessories and more.

So, when it comes to botanical admiration, finding roots in the canvas depicting lavender, eucalyptus, daisies and the various breeds of truffle will bring the aspect of joy needed when hanging wall art.

Have a look at my other article; “The Importance of Having Art of Your Wall: A Secret Key to Health” for more about why finding joy through your art is a fundamental part of 2021.

4. Mass Minimalism

Whether it’s focusing on the one subject screaming with stories and life or being able to see genuine beauty in single-medium art.

Trending wall art in 2021 may take only one paintbrush, one colour, one paint medium, one subject or one story.

Working hand-and-hand with interior design trends in 2021, the art of minimalism brings a sense of mysteriousness and focus on meaningful dedication. It could be anything from framing a single petal from your wedding day bouquet to hanging a watercolour depicting your tipple of choice: a cheeky violet gin maybe?

5. Modern Stylish 
Also known as fashion art, these prints look to the everyday and give them a sparkle that brings life to the subject. 
Whether it’s experimenting with the splash of a watercolour or incorporating the smoky brushstrokes of acrylic to achieve true abstract realism in pop culture, each piece is dedicated to bringing a vibrant expression to the walls of your home.

From hanging a Classic Atomiser bottle in your art deco bathroom to placing your Perfume Bottle above your marble vanity, they provide an extension of you while also finding ways to incorporate elements from the other trending wall art of 2021. 

For example: watching the constant narrative of the Gin and Tonic Glass Splatter explode with taste is part of seamless surrealism and featuring a focus on the “Sexy Red Lips” piece is a tone of mass minimalism.
Modern Stylish artwork simply brings you to the arena of trending artwork in 2021.

Red lipstick wall art print

6. Seamless Surrealism

The final of the trends making their way into the home galleries of 2021 is surrealism. And, not simple surrealism of the un-natured duos combined in a picture where the elephant wears its tiger stripes; you’ll find elusive renaissance reconstructions where a puppy embellishes the face of a general.

Having Seamless Surrealism trending wall art, 2021 will enact finding ways to slightly adjust the norm to relate to experiences felt by many while art pieces continue to be an extension of our lives.

You’ll find a sweet accompaniment between the Seamless Surreal artwork and on-trend deep navy interiors featuring gold accents and the ever-popular dried Pampas Reed.
    giraffe bubblegum

    When it comes down to it, the trending wall art 2021 has to offer is all about finding beauty in value. Yet, not monetary value; as 2020 was a time for isolated self-discovery, art hung on the walls of 2021 will be a better expression of personality than ever before. It’s not one, it’s not two, it’s six new trends… so far.

    To discover the splattering of art that could feature in your home and express your originality, take a glance at the Woolly Mammoth Media online art display.